Meter Mix and Dispense systems
for single and multi component synthetic resins

Customised solutions for the application of polyurethane, silicone and epoxy resins


For over 35 years, the TARTLER name has stood for innovative design and construction in the field of synthetic resin dosing and mixing technology.


Whether wind power industry, automotive, aerospace, boatbuilding or electrical engineering - wherever single and multi-component synthetic resins are processed, Tartler low-pressure metering systems are in use.


Why choose Tartler?


The intelligent modular construction of the TARTLER systems, our high level of development competence and the close cooperation with the material manufacturers ensure that we can provide each customer with the best system solution in terms of technology.

Our special services include the realization of individual special solutions - for example for extreme viscosities or mixtures - as well as the project planning and installation of complete production plants with application technology, robot systems, handling technology, winding devices, vacuum technology and much more.

Our worldwide service is fast and reliable - for the lifetime of your machine!



From the Submenu you can find the right machine range for your application: 


MDM-Meter Mixing machines for processing smaller quantities of liquid materials 


Nodopur-Meter Mixing machines for processing higher quantities of liquid material


Nodopox-Meter Mixing machines for processing paste like materials 


Tardosil-Meter Mixing machines for processing combination of paste and liquid materials 


Note! Brochures are illustrative of basic design of machines. Full customer customisation for special applications/processes/multi components etc are available.

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